Texas Rangers Pro Shop


Texas Rangers Pro Shop: A Unique Design for a Unique History

Reflecting Decades of Character in an All-American Space

How do you create a baseball gift shop that honors the past but looks toward the future? You trust JAQUE.

  • In May 2016, the city of Arlington approved a plan to build the Texas Rangers a new $1.1 billion dollar stadium with a retractable roof, added seating and a sleek new design. It also needed to feature a state-of-the-art pro shop. And for that, the Rangers knew exactly who to call: JAQUE. JAQUE started by doing her research. For a non-coastal American baseball team, the Rangers have a colorful history. When the Washington Senators moved to Texas in 1972 and needed to pick a new nickname, they turned to the Texas Ranger Division, a famous U.S. investigative law enforcement agency that has investigated crimes ranging from murder to political corruption. As a team, the Rangers have featured such larger than life American icons as Billy Martin, Nolan Ryan, Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco.
  • In many ways, the Rangers are an American success story. And with team colors of red, white and blue, it was no accident that JAQUE gave the Rangers Pro shop an all-American feel, while also keeping it clean and modern. She installed free-floating shelves with stainless steel siding and paired them with white glossy wooden bins below. She placed small end tables around the store to give off a minimalistic vibe. She employed small pendant and sconce lights to train customer focus on the products. And she placed a statement wall next to the workstation to display the Rangers’ unique history, placing old baseball gear under the pictures The cumulative effect: JAQUE produced a balanced mix of old and new to perfectly portray the past, present and future character of the Texas Rangers.