Tesla Gets An Electric Space


Tesla Gets An Electric Space

Highlighting a modern-yet-accessible brand without stealing the spotlight

When you secure retail space for a Tesla showroom in the heart of Los Angeles, how do you ensure that the environment perfectly enhances both the car and the brand? You trust JAQUE.

  • Californians love their cars, but not their gas prices. That’s why Tesla decided that L.A. would be the perfect place to build a showroom for its innovative and stylish all-electric vehicles. The challenge: creating a space that would complement and enhance Tesla’s modern-yet-accessible brand.
  • JAQUE started by choosing an open concept layout with monochromatic walls on all four sides. This provides the perfect three-dimensional “frame” for the cars, ensuring that the viewer’s eye focuses on the cars’ sporty, luxurious and playful personalities. Glossy concrete floors offer a nod to Tesla’s past as a garage-based startup, while the arched ceiling beams look to the future. Magical auras projected onto the ceiling beams make the visitor feel comfortably lost in a dreamy sea of cobalt blue where the sky’s the limit. Because it is.

    For décor and furnishings, JAQUE chose a simple and sophisticated collection. Wall art correlates perfectly with the color pallet of the building and the cars. Metal art conjures the image of racing flags. Desks and bar tables feature a dark, mahogany wood that contrasts with the concrete floors and looks professional and inviting.

  • The end result: a space that redefines the showroom like Tesla has redefined the automobile.