Destination Unknown


Destination Unknown: Magical, Mysterious, Extraordinary

Creating a Modern Palace in an Ancient Land

How do you create a home that perfectly complements and elevates the majesty of its natural surroundings? You trust JAQUE.

  • We can’t tell you where this project is located, but with its lush grounds and piercing blue skies, we can tell you that it’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting. Immediately upon entering, JAQUE’s vision transports you to a resort-like environment. Walls covered in wood veneer panels, leather wall-coverings and black lacquer. Floors in Carrara marble. A light fixture display of hand-blown glass pieces installed on a plate and hung from the top floor. Even a floor joist system covered in matte brass and wood and complemented by a glass rail system. For the living area, JAQUE laid a large rug combining cowhide and leather for texture. Her drapes frame the large expanses of glass to create intimacy. Her furniture is clean yet comfortable, providing several different seating areas to match your mood. And her choice to cover the center of the room in hand-blown amber glass pieces gives the space an edge.
  • JAQUE’s neutral color palette strikingly weaves grays, ambers, blues and greens together. And her wall paneling, faux finishing and textures work seamlessly to create a magnificent gathering spot. In the dining area, JAQUE covered the space in black onyx, used glass crystal light tubes and hung a custom Terzani-made chandelier—providing a striking space for both formal and casual gatherings. The master bedroom’s 12-foot ceilings inspired JAQUE to create a light installation of hundreds of pendants with fiber optic lights, giving the bed a magical touch. With its backlit onyx and walnut, the bookcase perfectly complements the headboard wall. And the wood floors’ parquet, sumptuous bedding and furniture give this suite an air of both comfort and opulence. With its luxurious finishes and dressing room, the owner’s suite bath proves just as lavish—as do several guest suites that feel like a 5-star resort.
  • For the second-floor sitting room, JAQUE used suede wall panels, slabs of marble and wood panels with brass reveals for a comfortable and private in-home getaway. For the home office, she perfectly merged functionality and aesthetics in several distinct ways: using a Tabu veneer stained in a steel blue, installing custom-made doors hewn to reflect a starburst, and employing bookcases covered in blue crocodile panels with stainless reveals and more backlit onyx. As this project shows, when clients give JAQUE the freedom to create, she rewards that trust by weaving their stories, personalities and fantasies into something singular, enchanting and breathtaking.