Past, Present and Future of Design

Past, Present and Future of Design

For my first blog post, I spent over a month thinking not of the past, but about future generations.

How will we design, create and invent? Who and what will shape the culture, and how?

My childhood was peculiar and troubled, filled with constant change, movement, struggle and instability. I recall with precision the way I saw things as a young girl. In the course of my career, that lack of certainty has imbued enormous creative escape and provided me with a great gift for telling each project’s story at its very core. I have preserved an edge by using those subconscious feelings to create others’ conscious environments, and to fill them with belonging, permanence and wonder. I have invested my life in the study of human design and its effects on design and architecture. Like most, I’ve learned by committing many mistakes. I have encountered many challenging concepts (and more than a little irony) when confronted with the fact that the process of inventing creates beautiful objects that mark our history, and that those very things that bring us joy also contribute to change.

The world today is so accessible and filled with such a wealth of innovation.

So what makes you, the reader, read my blog, look at my work and desire to follow me? I hope it’s because there’s so much beauty and passion and care that goes into what I do, who I chose to work with, and how I approach my art. I can appreciate a bamboo hotel, a Prada bag made from reclaimed ocean nylon, or even a responsibly sourced banana. However, I still strive to create projects and products that find the tension between spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, the past and the future—to tell the story of each and every object in those projects for generations to come. I’m hopeful that going on this journey with me will be enlightening, exciting and fantastical—the same emotions I try to elicit with each object and environment I create. Welcome.