The Jaque Effect applies to any collection in any industry: creating spaces with a magical ability to reflect their creators and embrace their occupants.


“I work with extraordinary people and brands, so my designs have to reflect that. I refuse to develop ‘off the shelf’ lifestyle products like the ones you see on Amazon and Wayfair. Those are designed for mass appeal. I strive for one-of-a-kind products made from scratch that perfectly fit the specific space and convey a unique message.”
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“Modern residential design can be cold and impersonal. It’s built on a computer model system where you’re taking boxes, putting them together, figuring out where a hallway should go, putting a roof on it and saying, ‘Here’s your new home.’ For me, the joy in residential design is the craftsmanship—figuring out how to make the shapes and forms unique and different, and to reflect their owners in ways they never thought possible.”
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“We travel for different reasons. Sometimes we want a romantic getaway in a sensual environment. Sometimes we want to spend a weekend watching movies. I create spaces that are timeless and exciting, that people want to talk about and return to.”
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“Commercial design is the most challenging and the most gratifying. As an entrepreneur myself, I put myself in the shoes of my clients, which is why I look at what I do as an investment in their growth. I refuse to compromise on either form or function, usability or aesthetics.”
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