Brand, Values, and Priorities

Brand, Values, and Priorities

It is not a coincidence that your personal values are reflected in every choice you make in life including your spaces. When I was a young lady, I did not fully understand what my Dad meant when he coined his two favorite statements, “Perception is reality!” and his second favorite “You are the architect of your own destiny!” Today, it is crystal clear to me what he meant and how true those statements are.
When someone enters your space, they instantly form an opinion about you and your value system. As you consider any purchase that involves your environment, you will constantly be using the three key ingredients:

How important are brands when you are making purchasing decisions? There are brands that exude quality and others that are quality but do not rely on their name to convey that. Depending on what your value system is, you will make choices that align with the brand that best reflects that.

When purchasing everything from a pen to an automobile, we are faced with value options as well as the perception of what that means. You may prefer a Bic pen, or you may only use a Mont Blanc pen. When you are shopping, you will determine the value of that pen based on several things, price is only one consideration. If you are in sales or a writer you will certainly value Mont Blanc over Bic, but if you are a Pilates instructor it may have little or no value.

This is quite possibly the most difficult of all three dynamics. This is also where people tend to disagree the most. If you are managing a busy environment, the priority of your interiors will be quite different from an executive who works 60 hours a week and has to decide what value they put on the minimal free time they have at space.

The balance of time and money you spend on your space and interiors always involves compromise. As you consider the three, it can be confusing and frustrating, and sometimes results in the inability to decide at all.

When planning an environment or a singular space, prepare yourself, and discuss your differences. You will end up with less conflict over the design and the finances that surround the renovation.

An architect or Interior Designer will ask most or all of these questions. If they understand your needs, desires, priorities and values, you will end up with a brand statement that represents you. You are the architect of your destiny!

Answer these questions individually and then sit down to discuss your answers with others who share your space. This way you can resolve your differences before you get started.
Why are you doing the renovation or project? Why is it important to you right now? How will this impact your life, (efficiency, enjoyment, life, family)? What is your timeline for the project (new family/team member or life changing event you are preparing for)? How long are you planning to stay in this space? What changes do you feel most strongly about? What do you like about your space? What do you dislike about your space? What is your style? (BMW, Coach, Prada, Hugo Boss, W Hotel, Hilton) What are your highest priorities for the space? Are you planning to do the work yourself? If so, do you have time to do the work? Do you intend to do the shopping? Do you value the services of an architect or designer and will you pay for that expertise? What are your goals in hiring someone? What are your concerns in hiring someone to help you? What is your highest priority, function, beauty, brand, quality, budget, convenience, all of them? Do you and your partner agree on the priorities? If not, how will you resolve those differences in the process? What do you want your space to say about your style, personality and priorities?
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