Be Your Best Brand

Be Your Best Brand

Someone once told me that even if you have a great product at a fair price, that doesn’t mean you’ll be profitable.
Being an artist, I never understood the truth in that remark until I was on the receiving end of failure. But the truth is this:

Many brands have failed and then risen to be not only better than before, but to be considered the very best in their field.

Departing from my last firm was so scary. I spent 10 years building it alongside some of the industry’s most talented people, with the support of the world’s finest manufacturers, and with some of the most prestigious clients. But that did not ensure its success. Reinventing my passion and energy seemed impossible during that part of my life’s journey. But on the heels of the experience came great joy. I married my Superman, became an instant stepmother and grandmother, and found myself filled with new energy and purpose. The universe was giving me another amazing story to tell, and I emerged stronger and better.

Telling the story of a brand and its space is just as important as the design and objects that go into it.

I have never been focused on a single style or a period. I look at a space as an experience, an opportunity. I want to get to the essence of it, to the heart of it. People are always the key to a brand, and people are the key to my successes and failures. I am known for my contradictions, layers and eclectic style. I am a rebel. I am full of irreverence. I design unconsciously and focus on the things that people love, not on what is expected. I am not limited by neglect, by what I did before or by what worked last. The culture of my brand is to build spaces that exude the occupants’ souls, inspire people and are true to the brand. I am dedicated to rebelling against the common stereotypes of design, and I’m committed to creating spaces and products that will last for generations to come. But that comes with a cost. Sometimes you have to do the hardest things to see what your brand excellence is. That’s the most difficult part. But as I’ve learned, it’s also the real profit.