All Hotels are not Equal

All Hotels Are Not Equal

The famous quote, “All men are created equal”, does not apply to the Hotel industry. In our quest to help our readers throughout this year understand and identify their own brand we are going to be mixing our blog content with all things that relate to great design and service.
In December Travel and Leisure Magazine published the US Best Hotel list. This list was voted on by all of its readership and includes some real standouts. Please look them up and should you be traveling to any of these US locations and or international locations see these amazing architectural projects and how they service the consumer.

As well as what was voted best of 2019 we are predicting that the following hotels all scheduled to be completed in 2021 will be strong contenders for the list. Some of the common threads in these hotels are Brass is back, technology is in, and overindulgence is back. A focus on health and the use of bold color are in.

The idea of wellness travel is a growing trend. Over the past decade researchers have changed the consumers stay from independent spa and or gym within a hotel stay , wellness is being infused into the entire hotel experience.

MGM Grand in Las Vegas is on the cutting edge of this trend with an entire floor of Wellness Suites, complete with air purification, healthy energized lighting design and vitamin C infused water in the showers to neutralize chlorine, keeping hair soft and smooth.

Another trending element is that such things as exercise equipment and space to do yoga or Pilates. Giving the traveler a place to de-stress and improve their wellness.

In the luxury travel market you will be seeing hotels creating environments that are transformable to the “guests” needs. This next generation of luxury is much different than the luxury that I have experienced in the past and have come to expect. Rather that emphasis being placed on opulence of materials and finishes, the focus is now on service and convenience.

Technology is focusing on communal tables for social interaction and integrated USB outlets and wireless technology allowing the guest to watch their own preferences in their room experience.

This year we would love to encourage our readers to share with us their favorite hotel, resort experiences. All of this feedback and sharing helps us to become better Interior Designers, as well as service providers. Let us know what you think about the future of hotel travel.

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